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Veronique • November 26th, 2021 •

I made screencaps of Bridget in the first season of “Paradise Lost”. Click on the gallery link below to see all caps from each episode.

Veronique • May 29th, 2020 •

Bridget was interviewed by Variety and The Bare Magazine earlier this month. Check out both articles/interviews below.

Corona Chronicles: 13 Celebrity Moms — From Lady Gaga’s Mom to Brooke Shields — Share How They are Celebrating Mother’s Day During the Coronavirus

Bridget Regan, Actress, “Paradise Lost”

Early this year my husband and two kids and I were flying home to Los Angeles after visiting our family in New Zealand. The long story short: vomiting baby, off-loaded, airport hotel, try again, tarmac four hours, canceled flight, vomiting daughter, airport hotel, vomiting adults, five days later we made it across the Pacific.

After getting back to our home in LA I joked to my friends, “I’m never leaving my house again.”

The irony!

Yes, it’s been challenging to say the least. Homeschooling a child in French (no parle French) is at the top of the list. What’s kept my head screwed on is knowing nothing I’m going through compares to what so many others have endured especially all the beloved healthcare workers and the kind of conditions they are facing daily. Hearing first hand from my friend who is an ER doctor getting screamed at by patients for not having tests and then herself not being able to test herself before returning home to her family. Hearing from another friend who is a charge nurse of supplies being stolen. I know we’re at our worst when we’re scared and vulnerable, but we have to do better.

One of my closest friends told me she tested positive for COVID in early April. She is young, healthy and has no previous health conditions. Very thankfully, she has fully recovered. She said the virus hung on for days and days. The worst night she felt she couldn’t take a deep breath and she was scared to fall asleep. Her grandmother’s Oximeter assured her she was getting enough oxygen and she avoided going to the hospital. She was advised to manage her symptoms at home if still possible.

This is all very scary. Taking it one day at a time, giving back when I can and focusing on the good in the world has helped. Some silver linings: I’ve gotten to know my neighbors (6 ft apart) in our cul de sac as all of our children bike around in circles, I’ve learned to make pizza dough and sushi rice, my husband and I haven’t filed for divorce and my baby doesn’t seem to notice we never leave our house. Most importantly, I have mountains more gratitude for everything and everyone.

Thank you healthcare workers.

The Bare Magazine

Quarantine Diary – Bridget Regan

Bridget Regan has graced the screen starring in many genres of film work with her versatile, shining talent. Her latest role is not to be missed playing Frances Forsythe in the Southern Gothic mystery, “Paradise Lost”. One of Spectrum TV Originals newest hits. She catches us up on her quarantine activities from Cali, thoughts and her new found great appreciation for sending her kids to school – and wine makers!

The Bare Magazine: What 3 or more things do you miss the most?

Bridget Regan: I miss acting. There’s no doubt I’m working more intensely than ever, looking after these kids of mine and am forced to be creative with coming up with new things to keep them busy. I miss the rush of action and cut. I also miss variety and surprises! I’m feeling very Bill Murray “Groundhog Day” over here. And let’s be real – I miss sending my kids to their school.

Bare: What have you discovered a new appreciation for?

BR: Teachers! Healthcare workers! The list goes on and on; food in my fridge, health of my family, wine makers, great recipe books, FaceTime and positivity.

Bare: Have you been listening, reading or watching anything on repeat? Any self-care routines or products that have been of comfort?

BR: Because a big majority of my day is spent cooking and then cleaning the mess I’ve made in the kitchen I’ve started listening to podcasts (Dead Eyes, Heavyweight, What’s the Tee) while I work. Also, here’s a hot tip: putting on old Oprah Winfrey Shows on the in background is yesteryear comforting.

Bare: Are there any new hobbies or projects you’ve been getting into? New discoveries or adventures?

BR: I’ve recently asked my nine year old daughter to teach me to play the guitar. So far I’ve got my scales down. Asking your kid to teach you something is a thoroughly refreshing experience. I highly recommend it. I’ve also been filing all spare moments with projects around the house; painting, spring cleaning, organizing…or just vegetating on the couch re-watching “The Sopranos”.

Bare: What top 4 things do you hope we can learn from this challenging time?

BR: Believe in science! Elect competent leaders! And those two again.

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